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100th Planning Committee
Since 1925

Camp Tanamakoon Alumni Volunteers from many decades

Tan Alumni Planning Committee

Welcome to the Tanamakoon Alumni Planning Committee page! We are a dedicated group of volunteers committed to fostering connections among Tanamakoon alumni from various decades. Our mission is to bring together old friends, organize events, and create a vibrant community that celebrates the memories and experiences shared at Camp Tanamakoon.

We have been working over a year online, connecting once a month to coordinate the efforts for our centennial events. 


Of Decade Reps


Patti Thom pattiathom@gmail.com
CR (Catherine Ross) catherineross315@gmail.com
Judy Ivkoff judyraymer@sympatico.ca
Mac (Barb Macintosh) akamac@rogers.com
Mary Kent kentmary2@gmail.com


CR (Catherine Ross) catherineross315@gmail.com
Mary Stanley marystanley@rogers.com
Rosemary McIntosh rosemarymc74@gmail.com


Lorna Telfer lorna.telfer@gmail.com
Gerry Sparrow gerry.sparrow@gmail.com
Gaylanne Phelan gaylanne@rogers.com
Sharon Bedwell Richie Sber80@hotmail.com
Anna Spitz ahspitz@seriaz.org
DeeDee Heywood deedee.heywood@sympatico.ca


Steph Nobbs steph.nobbs@gmail.com
Andrea Purdy apurdy@rogers.com
Sara Cooper sara_deacon@yahoo.ca
Blair (Gilmore) Moch blair.moch@gmail.com


Katherine Sterne kathandbob@rogers.com
Cris Vangel crisvangel@gmail.com
Marianne Braca mbraca12@gmail.com
Leslie Fisher lesliefisher@me.com


Adriana Olijnyk adriana.m.Olijnyk@gmail.com
Libby Echlin libbyechlin@hotmail.com
Claire Housez cahousez06@gmail.com
Sonya Katrycz skatrycz@gmail.com
Cheryl Anderson cheryl_e_anderson@hotmail.com
Julie Otton Simpson julieosimpson@gmail.com


Nicole Bruce fbruce3@uwo.ca
Sarah Hacket Hackett.sarah1@gmail.com
Maddy Stanton madelinekstanton@gmail.com
Sam King samking4@me.com


Our Planning Committee

Barb 'Mac'intosh

Co Chair Tanamakoon 100th Alumni Reunion

Suzanne Allen Mayhew

Co Chair Tanamakoon 100th Alumni Reunion

Lorna Telfer

Decade Rep Coordinator

Cheryl Anderson

Decade Rep Coordinator

Kristina McPhail

Alumni Weekend Coordinator

Cris Vangel

Alumni Canoe Trip Coordinator

Caitlin Gillian

Toronto Event Coordinator

Ellie Macintosh

Event Registration and Finance

Emma Macintosh

Event Registration and Finance

Sonya Katrycz

Tan 100th Alumni Merchandise Coordinator

Adriana Olijnyk

Tan 100th Alumni Merchandise Coordinator

Sarah Pendrith


Kaaren Thompson

Website and Communications

Natalie MacMillan

Marketing and Communications

Lauren Fulton

Social Media and Communications

Martha (Hart) McDougall.

Music Night Coordinator

Sandy Hutchison

Co-chair Toronto Venue Coordinator

Jennifer Moffat Johnson

Co-chair Toronto Venue Coordinator

Cathy Volpe

Weekend at Camp Advisor

Anne Fraser

Weekend at Camp Advisor

Maia Kareda


Catherine "CR" Ross

Writer and editor of the Tanamakoon Centennial book of memories

Rosemary McIntosh

Toronto Event Advisor

Patti Thom

Liaison to Camp Tan Alumni and Founder

Dee Dee Heywood

President of the Alumni Association

Get Involved

Help Us Reconnect and Celebrate our 100th. Are you eager to help reconnect old friends or lead an engaging event? We’re looking for alumni passionate about contributing their talents, whether through organizing small gatherings, sharing their expertise in workshops, or offering skills to help us make this event a success. If you would like to contribute Reach out with your interest.

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