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Alumni Canoe Trips

Alumni Canoe Trip

Paddle through the past on a guided canoe trip that captures the essence of Tanamakoon’s adventurous spirit. Explore serene waters and lush landscapes on this journey that links the past with the present, limited to a select group of alumni.

July and August Alumni Canoe Trips

As part of our centennial celebration, Camp Tanamakoon is thrilled to offer two exclusive canoe trips for our Alumni. These trips are a fantastic opportunity to relive the adventurous spirit of your camp days, paddling through the serene waters and enjoying the beauty of the parks interior. This unique opportunity invites you to relive the cherished moments and create new memories in the heart of nature.

Canoe Trip Adventure

Tanamakoon Alumni Trippers begin their adventure by arriving at Cache Lake Landing, from where they are transported to Camp Tanamakoon. The first evening is spent at camp, enjoying dinner with the current session of campers and connecting with your tripping crew.

The next day, the journey continues with a three-day, two-night canoe trip. Starting from Tanamakoon Lake, paddling a traditional route that will offer nostalgia and a trip through the wilderness of Algonquin, reminiscent of past adventures. The July Canoe Trip will be led by Alumni Tripper Jamie List, and the August Canoe Trip is to be determined. 

Upon returning to camp for your final night, enjoy another communal dinner and immerse yourself in the spirit of Tanamakoon. Participate in time-honored camp traditions, including a trip song that captures the essence of your adventure, celebrating the memories created and the bonds formed.


July Route

August Route

This unique summer adventure to Camp Tanamakoon cannot be secured through regular registration. Instead, those truly committed to joining us on specific dates in July or August are invited to share their interest through a special form. After submitting your form, mark your calendars for May 1, 2024, when we will reach out to confirm your participation and provide further details. This process ensures a fully committed and prepared group, making the experience as meaningful and fulfilling as possible.

Registration Information

Important details

A form of interest is required to ensure a full trip can be filled.
See below for logistics on the canoe trip and physical requirements.
Please note that these canoe trips are for Alumni only and not for current campers or staff.

Dates and Times

July Alumni Canoe Trip
July 5-9, 2024 Arrival and departure times for July 5th and July 9th, respectively, will be announced later. The trip concludes after lunch at 12 noon on July 9th.

August Alumni Canoe Trip
August 21-25, 2024 Specific arrival and departure times for August 21st and August 25th will be communicated in due course. This trip also ends after lunch at 12 noon on August 25th.

Please look forward to further information regarding the schedule.


Alumni Canoe Trippers are responsible for purchasing a parking pass for overnight parking. Passes can be purchased online? or at the Park Gates.
All Trippers will be barged to and from Camp from Cache Lake Landing by Camp Tanamakoon.

Meals and Dietary Requirements

While at Camp Tanamakoon, all meals will be provided. A Canoe trip menu will be coordinated with your guide to ensure a delicious and energizing journey. Additionally, during the registration process, you will have the opportunity to specify any food allergies or special dietary needs through a designated form, ensuring your meal experiences are safe and enjoyable throughout the adventure.

Personal and Physical Responsibilites

Participants are expected to engage fully in the experience, including portaging, canoeing, cooking, and setting up camp.


Day 1: Arrive at Camp Tanamakoon and spend the night, preparing for the adventure ahead.
Days 2 & 3: Embark on the canoe trip, immersing yourself in the wilderness and camaraderie.
Day 4: Return to camp for the final night, sharing stories and memories.
Day 5: Depart from camp at 11 am, taking home new memories and refreshed connections.

FAQ | Information Guide

Check out our Quick FAQ Guide for detailed event insights—it’s streamlined for ease, bypassing the usual Q&A format. For any extra queries, just reach out to your decade rep. Visit the guide page for all the essentials and updates.

Canoe Trip Coordinator

Cris Vangel

Please contact your decade representative for general questions.

July and August

Alumni Canoe Trip

Location: 3 day, 2 night canoe trip, and 2 nights at camp

  • July Trip: July 5, 2024 – July 9, 2024
  • August Trip: August 21, 2024 – August 25

Cost: $625 + HST ($706.25)
Capacity: 9 guests (including guide)
Experience the authentic Tanamakoon spirit.
Details listed below, please submit an interest form.

Canoe Trip Participant registration

Once interest forms are submitted, trips will be arranged by our coordinator. Participants will be notified by May 1, 2024.

We go a tripping in all kinds of weather, rain or shine!

Gear provided by Tanamakoon

Camp will provide all tripping equipment including

Canoe Trip Route and Portaging

The canoe trip route, goes to Smoke Lake, through the Ragged loop, there are portages on this route. Trips will run regardless of weather, so be prepared. 

Clothing and Pack list

Personal Gear List

  • paddle
  • life-jacket
  • sleeping bag
  • dry sack
  • rain gear
  • water bottle
  • day clothing (suggested dry fit)
  • bathing suit, hat, small towel
  • sunscreen, and other toiletries + medications
  • book / camera / other
Important Policies


Alcohol, Smoking & Drug Use: Camp Tanamakoon is a smoke-free and drug-free environment. 

Clothing: Open-toed shoes or sandals are not permitted.