Welcome to the Tanamakoon Alumni Page

Welcome to Tanamakoonalumni.org, the web site of the Camp Tanamakoon Alumni Association!

tagMaybe you remember the sweet smell of pine, the morning flag raising, singing at dinner.  Perhaps its the mist on the water early in the morning as canoes are launched onto Tanamakoon Lake to dance on the surface with the loons.  Sometimes it’s the smallest thing that brings you back to the place we love, the smell of the perfectly grilled cheese, finding hand made cards in your night side stand, or the intense flame of a campfire.  … whatever it is, know your memories, while unique are a shared experience for hundreds of campers, counselors and guides who remember those special memories of summer days.

Come here to Tanamakoonalumni.com, the purpose of this website is to keep Tanamakoon alumni connected and up to date regarding news and events.  Be sure to register in our database so we can stay in touch with you, and register on our website to gain access to special content.  We hope you enjoy your experience, and please consider sharing yours.  It is our sincere hope that you continue to stay in touch with one another and be a part of the celebrations and events that reconnect you to our summer home.